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Veterinarian brushing teeth

Dog & Cat Teeth Cleaning


Dentistry is an important part of any pet’s health. Dental disease does not only cause pain and discomfort, but may also lead to more serious conditions. It is known that poor dental hygiene can be responsible for heart, kidney and liver disease due to showering the bloodstream with bacteria.  Halitosis (bad breath) and premature tooth loss are the more obvious effects of poor dental care. Daily brushing is the best prevention for dental disease but we understand that is not always possible to perform on all pets.  Our veterinarians will discuss the alternatives available to help keep your pets teeth clean and healthy. When that is not enough to manage your pets’ dental health, a dental exam and cleaning under anesthesia can be performed. Sometimes dental x-rays are needed to assess the health of the tooth and/or teeth and determine what needs to be done.