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All major body systems can be evaluated by your veterinarian at the annual wellness exam. There is no substitute for a thorough physical exam.

The mouth is examined to evaluate the color of the gums, to check dental health and to scan for growths. An ocular exam assesses vision, the health of the eye itself and even can give clues about cardio-vascular health. The ears are visualized all the way to the tympanic membrane or “ear drum” to detect the presence of infections or growths.

By using a stethoscope, the heart and lungs can be listened to in order to detect heart rhythm and rate, heart murmurs and fluid in or around the lungs.

Abdominal palpation allows your veterinarian to assess the size and shape of the liver, kidneys, spleen and bladder, and to search for the presence of masses.

Using their hands, the veterinarian will scan your pet to determine the general condition of the skin and fur, to establish a “body condition score”, to determine the size of lymph nodes and to assess joint and neurologic health.

Any unusual findings of the physical exam can be followed up by further diagnostics. All necessary vaccinations are administered at the annual wellness visit.  We also recommend a simple blood test to rule out heartworm disease, and a fecal exam to rule out intestinal parasites.