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Emergency Vet Columbus Ohio

EMERGENCY PET CARE? Call 614-882-4728

Emergency Vet Columbus Ohio

24-Hour Emergency Animal Hospital and Intensive Care

Emergency Vet Columbus Ohio: The Animal Care Clinics is proud of our ability to provide superior emergency pet care around the clock. Few places offer hospitalization with nursing care on staff through the night, but we do!  If your pet is in need of surgical services, we are well equipped to provide the care they would need.

We always have at least one technician dedicated to the care of our hospitalized patients at all times.

Rounds are performed hourly and treatments are given as needed. Vitals are monitored and diagnostics are performed per the doctor’s orders. We can provide constant IV fluid infusion, blood and plasma transfusion, oxygen therapy, physical therapy, and pain control tailored for your pet.

In addition, a variety of monitoring equipment is available for those critical patients.

24-Hour Animal Emergency Center

24-hour emergency vet service is available to all of our established clients at both of our locations. In the event that you have a pet emergency, our doctors are just a phone call away.

For our current patients, 24-hour emergency vet service is available at our Westerville location. In the event that you have a pet emergency, our doctors are just a phone call away.

If the veterinarian needs to see your pet, you will be instructed to go to our Annehurst/Westerville location, and the doctor will be in touch with the technical staff to alert them of your arrival. They will be able to have your pet’s records available and have any preparations ready for the emergency before you and the doctor arrive.

If your pet will need hospitalization, the doctor will give complete treatment instructions for the attending nurse. Because our doctors are dedicated to the care of the patients many times the doctors require to be called with any problems, changes or questions about their critical patients rather than the on-call doctor.

Having a Pet Emergency Now?

*Emergency Vet Columbus Ohio* 614-882-4728  Our emergency services are available to both existing and new patients, up until 12AM Monday thru Sunday.  If you are worried about your pet, please do not hesitate to call!